Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

My name is Jamie and I have an insatiable curiosity for all things filmmaking. What started out as a constant interest in watching behind-the-scenes videos on Hollywood films turned into a hobby, which then turned into a career.

I began this adventure in Toronto, working as a video production manager for an online magazine. Upon returning to Vancouver I founded Whisper Media and have since worked with hundreds of companies both big and small, capturing what makes them unique. I thrive off working with teams when everyone is able to use their expertise and strengths to bring an idea to life.

My goal with filmmaking is to describe the indescribable. That’s the beauty of this medium - it has the ability to to communicate a deep understanding about issues, companies and people that are otherwise left unsaid or not fully understood. If this resonates with you then I’d love to hear your story.

Get in touch and let’s get people talking.